Joao Paulo Claro

Oak on wheat field, a typical image of the Ale...

Image via Wikipedia

This is an artist that was born in Portugal but educated in Paris France. He was schooled in commercial studies which he thought was his best career.

After rising to manager of a shop that was one of chain, he managed to bring to shop to a €500,000.00 in one year there was nowhere to go but down. When he realized this he decided it was time to make career change. After much thinking and discussion with his wife, he decided to return to Portugal and try his hand at painting. After much experimentation and reading many books about artists and the types of painting, he set upon to paint modernistic and nature. This is reflected in his art that is displayed here.

He stated that “You need your eyes to see how they (the masters) did it.” He started his own shop, Marinhais, and lives marginal (outside the usual crowd). He also teaches others his form of art to anyone from 5 to 85. One of his best students for modernistic art, in his eyes, was a 5-year-old boy. This was, he says, because the boy was not help back by convention or prejudice that is created by life’s experience.


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