Who was the artist?

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I have been in remiss in not continuing this blog, but the other day I had 2 question put to me that showed me that someone is looking at the site and that I should be doing something about it.

The first was an e-mail asking about restorers and the other was an artist, who has real talent I believe, in watercolors. His talent is such that it was hard to see that it was a watercolor and not a photograph. I will be posting some of his pictures (I hope) soon. It all comes down to the lack of a good camera that would make sure that everyone would be pleased to study his work.

The other about the restoration is being worked on. The client had forgotten to say what type of art is was and other things that would have helped with faster service on my part. I may not be an expert, but I believe it is my task to get those who need it, in contact with those who can help others.

I have tried my hand an oil painting but I have found that I am a better programmer than I am artist. Well, in a way a well-functioning program/system is a work of art

Hoping these small words of wisdom have come at opportune time for you. Please write to me if only to say hi and what is the type of art that you are interested in. I could then use your answers as a basis on which to expand my blog and bring more people in contact with those of similar interests. If you would like to do so.


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